My present dogs  

Marstens Snobbish Monkey
(Int.Nord. Uch. EuW97 NW95, Nord.W98 Wonky Monkey x N.Ch. Sceftesbr Caramel Toffee)


N S Ch Marstens Black Petition
Int Nord Ch Marstens Busy
Ch Marstens Play Puff
Int. Nord.V.-02, NV. 02  Marstens Maren Marekatt
Cedabriar Coeur De Catherine
(US Ch. Jelson``s Spencer for Higher Oa Oaj x US Ch. Cedarbriar Xena of Millermead)
Breeder Merrilee Henderson og Judy Miller, USA White/ tan (ginger) coloured
N W04 Marstens Amanda
By Nl. Ch. Waggery`s Luigi ex N.S. Ch. Marstens Black Petition.                  
No. 3 in the group at our biggest Int. show in Nov. 2004.
She ended up as no. 4 TOP TERRIER 2004.
Marstens Bonnie Bellringer
(GB. S. Ch. Fairwyre Commander at Grambrae ex Int. Nord. Ch. NW 00 Marstens Busy)
N.Ch. Marstes Full of Fun
( N.S.Ch. Loumaidlea Hocus Pocus at Crindu ex N.Ch. Marstens Ikke Noe Snikk Snakk.)
Int Nord Ch Marstens Gingerale
( Int.Nord.Uch. NV95 EUW97 Nord.W98 Marstens Wonky Monkey ex Cedarbriar Couer De Catherine)
Jr Amsterdam Winner04.Int.Nord.Ch.Waggery`s Dutch Commander  
(GB.S.Ch. Fairwyre Commander at Grambrae  ex Nl. Ch. Waggery`s Lady Nancy)
breeder H. Guit-Sloof. Owned by his breeder Henny Sloof Guit, Holland and Grethe Bergendahl.
TOP TERRIER in Norway 2005. 1 CC in 2005 and 2 Res.CC in 2006 in England. Always prepared and handled by Grethe Bergendahl since he arrived in Norway.
Int.Nord.Fin.Ch Marstens Naughty But Nice
( Int. Nord. Fin. Ch. Nord.V03, FinW03 Dartline All Time High ex Int.Nord.Ch. NW02, Nord.UW02, Nord.W02 Marstens Maren Marekatt)
Bred and owned by Grethe Bergendahl.
She is no. 2 TOP DOG in Norway in 2006 and also in 2007. She has 2 Res.CC in England. She has always been prepared and handled by Grethe Bergendahl

N.Uch. Marstens Ginger Nut 
(Int.Nord.Uch. EUW-95  Nord.W-97 Marstens Wonky Monkey ex Sv.Ch. Cedarbriar Coeur de Catherine) Owned by Ann Steenersen and breeder Grethe Bergendahl. She is tan/white (“ginger”). She also has prizes on huntingcompetitions (underground)


N.Uch. Marstens Chilie
Int.Nord.Uch. Waggery`s Dutch Commander ex N.Uch. Marstens Full of Fun)
Owned by Jan Erik Arntsen and breeder Grethe Bergendahl.


Dogs in the past

Int.Nord.Uch. Nord.-NV-97
Marstens Bill of the Ball

black/white photos by Zoltan

Int Nord Ch Marstens Boomerang


GB.N.Sw.Ch. Penda Passion of Louline
Dog of the Year Norway 91

Am.GB.Int.Nord.Ch. Burrendale Escort of Purston (Jimmy)

Int Nord Ch NV 95 Euv 97
Nordv 98
Marstens Wonky Monkey
Nord Ch Marstens Sjakklin
Co-owned with Ann Steenersen

N.S Ch. NV-01 Loumaidlea Hocus Pocus at Crindu